Beer contains estrogen!? [update]

Oh my gosh! Read that:

I’m not sure if this is true but since I don’t like beer anyway I’ll just stop drinking it :). Please, anybody who has evidence – write me (own beer bellys and man boobs do not count as evidence)!

UPDATE: Ok, Mehdi gave me a hint … beer contains hops (of course!) and now google for hops and estrogen :-/. No beer for me anymore!!!

Wiiii party :)

I’ve been at a Wii party yesterday. I was sceptical at the beginning because I’m not too much into video games (as they are usually desocializing). But the Wii is awesome. It supports up to 4 players (!) that can even play simultaneously in some games! Hmm, why do we have so many PS3’s in the lab? We need Wiis *g* – ok, we would not get any work done but have lots of fun!

Im looking forward to the next event ;).

Some random pictures

Everybody is waiting for pictures, I know … and I got a camera phone now! So here are some random pictures:

We explored the new underground Chemistry building. This is pretty interesting, because I know it’s there, I’ve seen the construction work last year. And we went into the first floor (I mean the first underground floor), but we did not get deeper … is it a secret facility? Do they have three-eyed fish and cloned pigs … huh, exciting!

We *THINK*  … obvious reasons to not to take the elevator … the stairway did not look much better. Falling Fire? Sounds like Halflife! I guess I need to get a Rocket Launcher before I go there next time.

This is just to document the amazing weather we had in the last two weeks. Great sunshine and about 30 degree (low humidity) – oh it was just awesome! And for all of you who don’t know – I started martial arts again. After I stopped Karate about 7 years ago (before going to College), I finally started again – yeah! But something new, Tae Kwon Do (the Korean Karate version) … I’m glad that one of my best friends (Jungjin, a Korean guy) convinced me. The nice guy next to me is Peter my judge in my last belt test (for Orange *yikes*).


Yes, right …. somebody broke into my room and stole (nearly) all my electronics. Only the GPS is left and two laptops (one was the lab’s), a cell, an MP3-Player and my lovely Palm PDA are gone :-(. That sucks … I hate this house. Especially those windows, I am able to open the *locked* windows with nothing more than a knife from the outside without even damaging anything. That’s how the burglars made it in (window was open when I came back). I even know exactly when it happened, Sun night at 1:31 am (when the MacBook was disconncted from the VPN tunnel). I came home around 2 … somebody can be happy that I was not around. Now that I come slowly back to actively doing martial arts and now that I have my combound bow with the “killer arrow”. An, anyway, it sucks but I can’t change anything.

Update: The Bloomington Police is really nice, but they can’t do much. The IUPD seems rather incapable in comparison. IUTS (IU Technology Services) seem very advanced because they are going to track their network for the MAC addresses and get a notification (to send the IUPD) whenever somebody uses the MacBook on campus. We’ll see if this helps.

Some Links ;)

FBI wants students to stop travelling, because they could talk about US secrets 😉

The totally useless American movie rating. Die Hand IV with brutal killings rated PG-13 while Amelie, containing a a funny montage of orgasms, was rated R. Go and shoot your neighbors!

Developing Intelligence? You are mentally disabled if you solve this puzzle ;).

I need to get out of here … this country is crazy!!!! 😉

Oh wait, if the FBI lets me go.

PS: 3 famous psychology experiments that would be illegal today 😉

I’m famous :)

I have some scientific news because they affected my private life enormously :). My paper was accepted at the Supercomputing 2007 in Reno! Yeah, the first supercomputing paper in my career! A EuroPVM paper was also accepted, but that’s way less exciting than the SC07! LibNBC begins to gain attention, and I need to finalize version 1.0 (full MPI-2 support) before SC07 in November :).

So how did this affect my private life? I hit the bars on Wednesday and had some interesting experiences :). And I don’t know how/when I got home.

Looong silence

… I know. I was under high stress the last weeks … had some personal issues and three papers to write for conferences. But this is pretty much done now *yeah*. Besides that, my life was pretty dull. My freaking piece of sh*** Saturn broke in a really ridiculous way. I destroyed the stick shift by shifting because it uses plastic parts to connect to the transmission. It looks like I could fix it myself but it turned out that this part is really hard to get (not at all), and I got half of the transmission replaced ($170 🙁 ). Anyway, that thing runs again.

And I moved to a bigger room in our nice little house (actually the biggest), here are some pictures of the house:

And finally my room (in party layout – living layout is boring):

Two quotes of the day

A really drunk guy (drank for 13 hours), yesterday at Nicks: “Homicide before suicide”.

A senior researcher, today at the lab: “The category of nice ideas that never worked: ‘The compiler can do it’. It’s the technical equivalent to the idea of Communism. It never works”.