Some random pictures

Everybody is waiting for pictures, I know … and I got a camera phone now! So here are some random pictures:

We explored the new underground Chemistry building. This is pretty interesting, because I know it’s there, I’ve seen the construction work last year. And we went into the first floor (I mean the first underground floor), but we did not get deeper … is it a secret facility? Do they have three-eyed fish and cloned pigs … huh, exciting!

We *THINK*  … obvious reasons to not to take the elevator … the stairway did not look much better. Falling Fire? Sounds like Halflife! I guess I need to get a Rocket Launcher before I go there next time.

This is just to document the amazing weather we had in the last two weeks. Great sunshine and about 30 degree (low humidity) – oh it was just awesome! And for all of you who don’t know – I started martial arts again. After I stopped Karate about 7 years ago (before going to College), I finally started again – yeah! But something new, Tae Kwon Do (the Korean Karate version) … I’m glad that one of my best friends (Jungjin, a Korean guy) convinced me. The nice guy next to me is Peter my judge in my last belt test (for Orange *yikes*).