Heatwave … wow!

Ok, so I guess I just felt what 40 degrees celsius and 80% humidity feel like :-). It’s amazing here. There is a heat-wave in the US and Illinois is one of the hottest states. But I’m still man enough to survive without AC at home (ceiling fans work wonder, even at 35 degrees celsius inside!).


Taekwondo updates

Yeah, I made my next belt (green) last week! So that was fun, ok, I know, I should have done this two months earlier, but I was traveling ;). And I will be traveling again soon. We (the IU TKD demo team) had a performance at some community fair today. That was fun.

There is even a psychadelic picture of me breaking a poor and helpless board with a side-knifehand strike:

see also the “longest belt in club” ;-).

Running in the cold :-)

Yeah, I’m still running even though the temperature dropped to -19 degree Celsius tonight. But it’s ok, I can dress up. I ran yesterday and today noon-ish. It was about -11 degree Celsius and so pretty ok. It sucks at the beginning but gets even warm after a while. I ran for slightly more than an hour today … it felt really nice.