Police explains ways to stay out of trouble during the Little 500

An excerpt from the newspaper:

– Police can confront you on your own property if they see you drinking in plain view and suspect you are underage.

-It is illegal to consume alcohol on city sidewalks, alleys, city parks, city streets and other public areas.

– Police can arrest you if you are carrying IDs with two different names, even if it’s to “hold it for a friend”.

– Underage drivers can be arrested for transporting alcohol, even if it is for friends who are of age.


IU is freakin’ cool!

This is getting better and better :). Not even that IU is amongst the top party schools, there are also amazing events going on here (I missed it last year because I was in Europe *argh*)!

I “attended” the little 500 (wikipedia) this weekend. This is amazing, forget about the “Oktoberfest”, it’s like the whole town turns into a party zone (okok, Loveparade is bigger – but still). The weather was just amazing, and I hung out with friends.

Lance Armstrong said that the race was “the coolest event I ever attended.” He must have been at one of the parties. It’s funny though, nearly everything alcohol related is illegal in this country, but I’ve never seen so many drunk people.
It’s plain cool. And I bought a subwoofer for nearly nothing! Yeah, all the chinese people graduate, move and sell their stuff way under value 🙂 (I bought a mountainbike, the subwoofer, 4 wine glasses and a pan today for only $37).

The funny thing is that our house is so waggly that my walls shake to the sound of Talla2XLC right now ;).

Two quotes of the day

A really drunk guy (drank for 13 hours), yesterday at Nicks: “Homicide before suicide”.

A senior researcher, today at the lab: “The category of nice ideas that never worked: ‘The compiler can do it’. It’s the technical equivalent to the idea of Communism. It never works”.

Filing Indiana tax

… is funny, it’s obviously designed by comedians. I’m just sitting next to my buddy who tries (since hours) to file his state tax. It’s all online (like the German Elster, but it works with FIrefox). Following questions are hilarious:

First Page:

Enter Your Name: ___”Max Mueller”___

Second Page:

Did “Max Mueller” die in the tax year 2006? [ ] yes [ ] no

Isn’t this hilarious!

Weather catastrophe

Yes, that’s what happened some days ago. I’m still not used to the continental climate! The temperature fell literally overnight from 28 Celsius to 1 Celsius. The next day’s minimum wa at -7 Celsius *ARGH*. How is this supposed to happen??? Such a weird weather here. And the worst thing is that it did not recover yet. It’s getting slightly warmer though, but it’s still beyond 10 :-(.

But a thumbs up: I posted the pictures from better times in California!

I hope it gets warmer soon *brrr*.

Spending my birthday in the airplane

Yeah, it happened that I missed my flight from LA to Indy. I arrived 8hrs late, don’t ask why ;). Anyway, they explained me that I would have to purchase a new ticket *argh* – I thought that I would never ever fly with Northwest. I discussed for 45 minutes with the clerk and she was pretty much under pressure (the queue behind me got longer and longer and people started complaining). Finally, she gave me a place on the waiting list to a flight to Detroit for free. And I made it into the airplane (again, don’t ask how :)). I had only a half seat (there was an incredibly fat (later sweaty and even later smelly) guy next to me that occupied the other half of my seat. It was probably the worst flight I ever had (4.5 hrs on that “half” seat with *full* body contact), but I was very happy to be in that plane! The plane arrived late (a connection flight to Indy was already waiting), and I did the same thing there. I discussed with them until they assigned me tha last free seat for free (hey, what’s the point to fly with a free seat if you could make a potential customer happy :)). But yeah, I forgot about my luggage … it was only checked to Detroit (I realized that later *g*). Again, discussions at the baggage reclaim office :). They did at least agree to transfer it to Indy that I could pick it up the next day (there was no way to convince them to send it home to me for free :)). But I got a car and gas is nearly for free here … so I picked it up. Generally, it was a very interesting experience, how you can fly for free if you are determined enough (I did not make it into the direct flight from LA to Indy, the guy at the desk (Larry) was very very well trained and impressed me a lot, but I had a nice conversation with him, and the next flight worked out).

And I did still have some time to celebrate my birthday.