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ETH also announced it in English and German.

Even the hpc-ch blog and reported on it.

The ETH Board has appointed the following individuals as professors: Torsten Hoefler […], currently Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, USA, as Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) of Computational Science. Torsten Hoefler is internationally regarded as one of the leading young scientists in the field of high-performance computing. At the University of Illinois, he is currently involved in the development of one of the world’s most efficient supercomputers. His research interests focus on system design, programming and efficiency analysis. Torsten Hoefler will provide the Department of Computer Science, the research focus “Scientific Computing and Simulation” and the CSCS (Swiss National Supercomputing Centre) with important stimuli. […]

HPC and Supercomputing Conference and Journal Ranking

Ranking conferences and journals is indeed a complex task. Different metrics exist and a plethora of different free and commercial rankings exists. My favorite ranking so far was the AUS conference ranking that based mostly on opinions of researchers. While this is probably the best metric, it can be very biased (Australian researchers only?) and some conferences (such as Euro-Par) are just not listed. Another metric, the average citations per paper (often called “impact factor”) may be useful. While this may be biased towards older conferences (which may have higher rankings by this metric), it also shows how many active researchers follow a particular conference series.

I listed some conferences and journals that are in the HPC or Supercomputing field (I published in most of them) with their average citations per paper and their AUS ranking. This data was mainly for my own reference, however, several people asked me to publish this list, thus I will do this here. This list is not intended to be complete and, most importantly, the rankings do not represent my personal opinion (you have to ask me for this :-)); all data is based on the database from Microsoft Academic Search link queried on Dec. 3rd 2011. The age of the conference (as shown in MS Academic Search) is in brackets. Feel free to contact me if you think that anything is missing, incomplete or erroneous.


Name avg. citations per paper (age) AUS Ranking
SPAA 16.0 (22) A
HPDC 14.7 (19) A
Supercomputing 14.4 (27) A
PPoPP 14.3 (27) A
ACM ICS 13.3 (33) A
PACT 12.8 (16) A
LCPC 11.5 (22) A
Hot Interconnects 10.5 (20) B
ICPP 6.6 (36) A
CCGRID 6.0 (10) A
IPDPS 5.2 (20) A
IEEE Cluster 4.1 (13) A
Euro-Par 3.3 (16) not rated
EuroMPI 3.2 (15) C
ISPDC 3.1 (15) C
PARA 2.4 (17) not rated
HIPC 2.4 (12) A
VECPAR 1.8 (15) B
ICCS 1.6 (11) A
PARCO 1.6 (18) C
ISPA 1.0 (08) B
HPCC 0.9 (17) B

Related Conferences

Name avg. citations per paper (age) AUS Ranking
SIGCOMM 40.8 (41) A
ISCA 30.8 (37) A
PODC 20.6 (28) A
SIGMETRICS 19.6 (38) not ranked
CGO 13.38 (8) not ranked
Comp. Frontiers 3.97 (6) not ranked
ARCS 1.2 (41) not ranked


Name avg. citations per paper (age) AUS Ranking
TPDS 14.3 (26) A*
IJHPCA 12.5 (24) B
COMPUTER 11.7 (41) B (not sure)
JPDC 9.0 (28) A*
Elsevier PARCO 6.9 (27) A
Cluster Computing 6.2 (18) not rated
FGCS 4.7 (27) A
Journal of Supercomputing 4.4 (27) B
PPL 4.2 (27) B
IJPEDS 2.6 (17) B
SIMPRA 1.7 (17) not rated