Yes, right …. somebody broke into my room and stole (nearly) all my electronics. Only the GPS is left and two laptops (one was the lab’s), a cell, an MP3-Player and my lovely Palm PDA are gone :-(. That sucks … I hate this house. Especially those windows, I am able to open the *locked* windows with nothing more than a knife from the outside without even damaging anything. That’s how the burglars made it in (window was open when I came back). I even know exactly when it happened, Sun night at 1:31 am (when the MacBook was disconncted from the VPN tunnel). I came home around 2 … somebody can be happy that I was not around. Now that I come slowly back to actively doing martial arts and now that I have my combound bow with the “killer arrow”. An, anyway, it sucks but I can’t change anything.

Update: The Bloomington Police is really nice, but they can’t do much. The IUPD seems rather incapable in comparison. IUTS (IU Technology Services) seem very advanced because they are going to track their network for the MAC addresses and get a notification (to send the IUPD) whenever somebody uses the MacBook on campus. We’ll see if this helps.