Heatwave … wow!

Ok, so I guess I just felt what 40 degrees celsius and 80% humidity feel like :-). It’s amazing here. There is a heat-wave in the US and Illinois is one of the hottest states. But I’m still man enough to survive without AC at home (ceiling fans work wonder, even at 35 degrees celsius inside!).


Visiting Germany (yes, visiting)

My other planned summer vacation fell through (of course after I booked my ticket to Europe :-)). Yes, I was planning a vacation (believe it or not). Vacation means that I may only read email once a day :-). Anyway, so I invited a friend and we decided to do the tourist thing in Germany, actually, more around the area where my parents live (Saxony). Obviously, I lived in this area for quite a while but it was very nice to actually explore it! So the tour was: Bautzen, Goerlitz, Munich (I had to apply for a new US visa there … and my iPad was stolen …), Koenigsstein, and Dresden! It was all very beautiful! Not much to say besides the commented pictures below :-).

My self-grown citrus thingy blooms!

Huh, I came back home from a longer trip and, instead of dying, my citrus plant (not even sure what it is, either orange or grapefruit) was blooming! One step further towards the master gardener :-).