Zurück in Deutschland

Yes – back in Germany. It was funny to cross the border after one month. The first thing I did was to accelerate to 200 km/h (125 mph) on the autobahn ;). I like the German autobahn, it makes me feel home and driving produces enough adrenaline to save the rollercoaster. Anyway, some random facts:

  • time to go from Liege to Berlin (688 km/430 miles): 5:30 hrs
  • average fuel consumption: 7.9 l/100km
  • average speed on the autobahn: 160-190 km/h (100-120 mph)
  • top speed: 233 km/h (146 mph, downhill – yes, my speedo stops at 220, but I have a GPS 😮 )
  • travel time from Berlin to Chemnitz (262 km/164 miles): 1:55 hrs
  • total distance this month: approximately 2500 km / 1560 miles
  • # of loonies who wanted to go faster than me: some 😉
  • # of policecars I chased with 220 km/h (137 mph): 1
  • # of emergency breaks where I lost 2mm rubber from my tires: 1 (behind the chased policecar in a cloud of burned rubber from them)
  • # of trucks passing each other incredibly slowly: infinite
  • # of 120 speed limits I ignored because it seemed so slow: 2
  • # of car breakdowns: 0 (yeah, my Celica rules)

So my Europe roundtrip is finished and everything went fine. My visit at the US embassy seemed also successfull, so I’ll hit the states soon. Ah, and I have to say that Berlin seems to be a very nice city! The centre is nice and most girls are just georgeous – and speak German :).

The route

Update: some pictures from Berlin are here!

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