ABINIT Workshop in Liege, Belgium

Yes, I finally made it. The drive from Bruyeres (Paris) to Liege was hell because I decided to avoid the freeway and take the national roads. But I did not know that the French and Belgium signs only indicate the next very small village, and my map had a very very low resolution. So I was mostly doing “hot potato” routing – but it kind of worked. Ok, it took me 5.5 hrs ;). Anyway, the Belgium specialities are amazing, I tried all kinds of beer yesterday and lots of cheese. And I found the way back to the hotel :). So Belgium is also nice – I was very surprised by the large variety of cheese they had.

The university looks similar to other Belgium universities that I saw. It looks like an old WW II bunker complex (just the cannons are missing). Pretty interesting, and it’s like a labyrinth inside.

Salut de Liege

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