Soiree, Soiree, courir at travail

Yes, pretty long time since my last post :). That does not mean that nothing happened, it means that I did not have time to write anything down. So I’ll just wrap it up.

The last two weekends have been great, I discovered several great places in Paris. The Glaz’art is a rather spooky, but nice techno place, the LaFleche d’Or is really nice. I enqueued 30 minutes in front of it, but it was worth it! The night was tres bien. Last weekend was Erasmus-party weekend. I went to the La Loco on Friday, this was amazing. It’s unfortunately directly next to the Moulin Rouge, so that I searches 40 Minutes for a parking lot *argh*. After enqueuing another 40 minutes (where I met many people and learned about the secret trick to get in free – just bring a printout of the flyer with you – the belgium guy had one spare for me which saved me 10 EUR!), I was inside. And it was amazing, the place is rather huge and not too packed (I don’t understand why we had to wait so long?). But the music was awesome, the best DJ I heard since a long long time. Saturday was another Erasmus party at another place in Paris. So Paris is a great place to club, if you know where. I found the following two sites very helpful: cityvox and tribudenuit ah, and not to forget google.

Besides that I’ve been working at the CEA, which is a clearly amazing place to work -  (randomly ordered) great people, great food, great technology, great boss, great sports.  Yes, great sports. The facility offers different sports for their employees. As I wrote earlier, I went running every second day, for slightly more than an hour with nice company. They did not speak English or German and it was much fun :).

Yes, that’s it mostly. I’ll depart to Belgium on Sunday – I will miss France and the CEA.

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