Cycling :)

From the ‘Bicycle Neglect Series‘: “In fact, young Cascadians don’t even match the bicycling levels of Germans over the age of 75. That’s right: Germans in their late seventies and eighties bike more—on 7 percent of all trips—than Cascadian teens and twenty-somethings.” … “Cascadia, especially its populous heartland stretching from the Willamette Valley through Puget Sound to the lower Fraser Valley, has a superb climate for cycling. There are neither icy roads in winter nor swampish humidity in summer. The famous rain is more often a drippy ambience than measurable precipitation. Northern Europe’s climate is worse for cycling than ours: it snows. Besides, the nights are much longer in winter there.”. So what’s wrong? Read the articles and you’ll see! Very interesting! Here is another nice article

McCormicks Creek

We’ve been to another State Park this Sunday. It was great, we hiked the whole day and got totally lost in the wilderness (there were deer paths that looked like human paths :) ). The waterfall is really ridiculous (see picture), but the wolf cave is really cool.

It’s a small (very small) tunnel-like cave where one can go (crawl) through. It’s not really advertised on the webpage (I guess they are afraid that some people just get stuck in the middle – this nearly happened to me as I realized that my shoulders are to wide for several passages in there :) ).


Yes, right …. somebody broke into my room and stole (nearly) all my electronics. Only the GPS is left and two laptops (one was the lab’s), a cell, an MP3-Player and my lovely Palm PDA are gone :-( . That sucks … I hate this house. Especially those windows, I am able to open the *locked* windows with nothing more than a knife from the outside without even damaging anything. That’s how the burglars made it in (window was open when I came back). I even know exactly when it happened, Sun night at 1:31 am (when the MacBook was disconncted from the VPN tunnel). I came home around 2 … somebody can be happy that I was not around. Now that I come slowly back to actively doing martial arts and now that I have my combound bow with the “killer arrow”. An, anyway, it sucks but I can’t change anything.

Update: The Bloomington Police is really nice, but they can’t do much. The IUPD seems rather incapable in comparison. IUTS (IU Technology Services) seem very advanced because they are going to track their network for the MAC addresses and get a notification (to send the IUPD) whenever somebody uses the MacBook on campus. We’ll see if this helps.

Independence Day 2007

Yeah, after a very very very nice independence day last year, I’m trying to repeat this experience :) . We’ll see. I’m right in the middle of it – and the parade is over. It was as bad as last year (actually slightly worse). But I have some pictures this time for you to enjoy (or not):

The Bloomington firefighters and sheriffs :) .

Ambulance (BHAS) and the beginning of the Veteran trailer (one of the central themes …)

More Veterans and the Harley Club (????).

Of course our nice National Guards :) .

Lake Monroe & Some more links

Yeah, we biked to Lake Monroe on Saturday :) . The bike ride was great even if we lost our way due to my misinterpretation of “Moores Pike”. I know I know … American cities are organized in grids and one can not get lost. But somebody decided to rename streets in the middle of town!!!!! Anyway, we finally made it :) . The beach was nice but the swimming area was ridiculously small. And the worst thing is that the Indiana Department o Natural Resources (DNR) seems to be *really* stupid. So their goal is to protect nature (sort of I guess). Ok, here’s the deal: if you come by car or van or truck or minibus or whatever vehicle, you pay $4 gate fee per vehicle. Fine, but if you come by bike, it’s $2 per bike!!!!! So, calculate how many people fit into a minivan (I’ve seen a van loaded with at least 10!). And we paid $4 for two bikes! That’s such a rip off. And I must say it really encourages me to take my car next time and get 3 people to join me – it’s half the price. Seriously, they must be completely retarded. And we’ve been pretty much the only two cyclists who came from “the outside” (there were more, but they seemed to come from the campground which was 100 meters away). Oh my gosh! I have to file a complaint! I don’t know where yet, but I’ll do!

To the links:

The boys project .. pretty interesting. Boys are “extremer” than girls in many regards ;) .

A funny airline complaint – awesome ;-) . Don’t choose this seat!

Did you know that yoga and sex are related? Let’s test it ;-) !

Some Links ;)

FBI wants students to stop travelling, because they could talk about US secrets ;)

The totally useless American movie rating. Die Hand IV with brutal killings rated PG-13 while Amelie, containing a a funny montage of orgasms, was rated R. Go and shoot your neighbors!

Developing Intelligence? You are mentally disabled if you solve this puzzle ;) .

I need to get out of here … this country is crazy!!!! ;-)

Oh wait, if the FBI lets me go.

PS: 3 famous psychology experiments that would be illegal today ;)

Kroger, gas-prices and 10c/gallon off

This may be boring for most of you but interesting for some (including me :) ). The Kroger buy-groceries for $100 and receive 10c/gallon off at a Kroger gas station works! I tested it yesterday! Yeah, I thought that the regular gas price would just be higher, but it was in fact already cheaper than all stations in Bton – and I got an additional 10c off. How exciting, huh? It was pretty exciting until I realized that I pumped only 10 gallons … that’s $1 saving :-( . And I had to drive down to the South-Kroger. Anyway, I paid exactly $25 (18 EUR) for a full tank of gas. I think I can hear some Germans crying over there ;-) . But hey, my freaking stupid American car eats 9l/100km :-( .

I’m famous :)

I have some scientific news because they affected my private life enormously :) . My paper was accepted at the Supercomputing 2007 in Reno! Yeah, the first supercomputing paper in my career! A EuroPVM paper was also accepted, but that’s way less exciting than the SC07! LibNBC begins to gain attention, and I need to finalize version 1.0 (full MPI-2 support) before SC07 in November :) .

So how did this affect my private life? I hit the bars on Wednesday and had some interesting experiences :) . And I don’t know how/when I got home.