Aldi schoenen Sachen …

This time some German title :). Do you get it? Yeah, we have an Aldi here! People did not believe me, so I had to provide some proof. We tried to find some Nutella, and I thought a German supermarket chain should have this. So we went to Aldi. Ah, btw. it was 32 Degree Celsius and wonderful weather *yeah*.

Yes, the Aldi exists! See, that’s me and my American car (that proves that it’s really in Bloomington!).

Oh, some random Japanese girl ran into the camera … ;).

Inside the Aldi … looks like in Germany, right? But it’s full of American Hillbilles, weird, huh?

“Incrdible Value Every Day” … hmm, too bad that most of the products suck. The German Aldi is much better! And the American uber-sucks!!! There was no Nutelly, nowhere! Ok, good that the Walmart is kind of close :). So we went there to find the Nutella! And we found it, I mean kind of :-(:

Yes, everything around was stuffed with ugly peanut butter *grin* and the good Nutella was (of course) sold out. But we asked a strange looking but very nice walmart employee (most are kind of strange) and he brought us more *yeah*. So we finally got Nutella … puh, that was hard!