CHIC, KiCC and lots of fun

So, the CHiC Symposium and the KiCC workshop are over. I’ve been involved in the core organization of both and they stressed me a lot. But I would say they’ve both been a success (especially the KiCC workshop seems to gain more and more attention from all over Germany).

The funniest part was a simulation video in the opening talk. OK, assume you sit in the middle of a talk about supercomputing and you see this simulation without any explanation (klick image):

What do YOU think? Yes, exactly this – the whole auditorium was *amused*. And now image the speaker saying: “this is a simulation of the red tower”. Ok, that’s how you could call it probably *grin*. I had hard problems not to laugh. The “Red Tower” is a building in Chemnitz, but I assume that the guests from all over Germany did not know this :-).

The KiCC workshop went really fine (thanks again to our main sponsor Knuerr and the last minute sponsor Megware). The next workshop will be in Aachen at the 2007/12/12.

I think I will miss the Comedy aehem Computer Architecture Group in Chemnitz!

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