MPI-3.0 chugging along

Here are some updates from the March MPI Forum. We decided that the door has closed for new proposals, so MPI-3.0 could be ratified in the December meeting if everything goes well!

Otherwise, we made huge progress on many small things. Many readings and votes on minor tickets and the results can be found here. The most interesting proposals for me were #284 (Allocate a shared memory window), #286 (Noncollective Communicator Creation), and #168 (Nonblocking Communicator Duplication), which all passed their first vote. The Fortran bindings ticket #229 passed it’s second vote! Scalable vector collectives (#264) were postponed to the next MPI version because the Forum felt that they would need more investigation of several alternative options.

I explained those and other interesting tickets in my last post on MPI-3.0.

We also made substantial progress on Fault Tolerance (which remains a controversial topic for several reasons) and a lot of cleanup (thanks Rolf!). The next meeting in Japan will be exciting!