MPI Forum No. 3

Just came back from the third MPI Forum in Chicago. We finished MPI-2.1 (I guess) … mostly. I think we’ll just have to vote on it at the next meeting :). It’s good that this is finished and we have a nice single document mandating the newest MPI standard. We’ve also been able to fix many bugs (see the ML). This meeting was at the Microsoft location in Chicago … in the 23rd floor of a skyscraper downtown. Pretty neat … nearly. One day, I decided to take the stairs (to not get fat in America) to find the door on the 23rd floor locked, after 7 minutes and 552 stairs. Great … actually, all doors but the lobby were locked :-(. So I walked down again *hmpf*. I complained and was told that this is a security feature – how weird, the lobby exit is right next to the elevators, i.e., one can just exit at the lobby and use the elevator to get to any floor – security, huh? I guess this is typical American security, like everyone has to take his shoes off at the airport.

What’s wrong in this picture? Me or the Microsoft logo?

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