Independence Day 2007

Yeah, after a very very very nice independence day last year, I’m trying to repeat this experience :). We’ll see. I’m right in the middle of it – and the parade is over. It was as bad as last year (actually slightly worse). But I have some pictures this time for you to enjoy (or not):

The Bloomington firefighters and sheriffs :).

Ambulance (BHAS) and the beginning of the Veteran trailer (one of the central themes …)

More Veterans and the Harley Club (????).

Of course our nice National Guards :).

Beanpole – th god of pointless behavior! Awesome :). And bagpipe players …

Yeah, Cheerleaders!

More cheerleaders … and I cite the speaker: “What would a 4th parade be without big trucks”. So American …

The “Bloomington Pomps” *grin* – and the End … all in all pretty long and very very very American ;-).


Jungjin and finally me (on request!)