Lake Monroe & Some more links

Yeah, we biked to Lake Monroe on Saturday :). The bike ride was great even if we lost our way due to my misinterpretation of “Moores Pike”. I know I know … American cities are organized in grids and one can not get lost. But somebody decided to rename streets in the middle of town!!!!! Anyway, we finally made it :). The beach was nice but the swimming area was ridiculously small. And the worst thing is that the Indiana Department o Natural Resources (DNR) seems to be *really* stupid. So their goal is to protect nature (sort of I guess). Ok, here’s the deal: if you come by car or van or truck or minibus or whatever vehicle, you pay $4 gate fee per vehicle. Fine, but if you come by bike, it’s $2 per bike!!!!! So, calculate how many people fit into a minivan (I’ve seen a van loaded with at least 10!). And we paid $4 for two bikes! That’s such a rip off. And I must say it really encourages me to take my car next time and get 3 people to join me – it’s half the price. Seriously, they must be completely retarded. And we’ve been pretty much the only two cyclists who came from “the outside” (there were more, but they seemed to come from the campground which was 100 meters away). Oh my gosh! I have to file a complaint! I don’t know where yet, but I’ll do!

To the links:

The boys project .. pretty interesting. Boys are “extremer” than girls in many regards ;).

A funny airline complaint – awesome ;-). Don’t choose this seat!

Did you know that yoga and sex are related? Let’s test it ;-)!