Summer start!

Yeah, I love Bloomington. The weather is amazing, and I appreciate the A/C in my car :). It’s 27 Celsius and the sun is shining and everybody parties (I’ve seen 4 beer-pongs going on on my way through the city). Nice! And I just refueled my car for $26 – $2,56 per gallon, that’s about 0.509 EUR/liter) :). And that even seems expensive (I’ve seen $2,35/gallon around).

And I made an incredible deal on rice today! 20 pounds for $9! And it’s Thai rice, not gene-manipuated US rice :).

Yeah, I’m heading out with my macbook to work on the porch!

Update: wahhh, my macbook just died :-(. It switched off in the middle of typing and switches off after some seconds every time I try to switch it on again :-(. Exactly the right time to die … on a Sat evening when I head out for a conference on Sun morning *argh*