Some photos from Paris

I’ve been in Paris last weekend and I’ve even managed to make photos (even if I don’t like to too much, but I had several requests). Anyway, look at  the photos and enjoy!

And I have proof – the gas is freaking expensive in Europe! It’s about $6.30 per gallon … (with 1.289 EUR/l even slightly more expensive than in Germany – but I have to add that I made a pretty good deal at the gas station near Bruyeres-le-chatel this morning – only 1.169 EUR/l)

Arrivée en France

Bonjour :). Yes, I arrived in France – it took me about 9 hours to drive from Chemnitz to Bruyeres-le-chatel. The weather is really bad. Anyway, I’m living with a french family (B&B). I think this was a good idea, I was invited to dinner with them yesterday. My first day in the CEA was pretty interesting. The facility is like a fortress :). I was lucky and the director of the computing services gave me a tour of their supercomputer “Tera 10”, currently number  7 in the Top500 computers world-wide :o). I suppose I should not write more to the public. We’ll see what happens in the next days!


Remembering SC’06 or other tech conferences

Somebody had a similar experience with tech-conference giveaway t-shirts. Most of the shirts I got were simply twice as big as I am. But there seems hope (I got a pretty nice Intel shirt). See Kathy’s post.
And Kathy has some more interesting thoughts in her blog. Especially the “mirror neurons” post is really nice! Now you know why I lough even if I talk about very verysad things – it’s just my way of life :).