Some statistics for 2012 – my average speed was 17.4 km/h

I just looked at some statistics from 2011 :-).

I completed 670 tasks (that were enough effort to put them on my tasklist), about 2 tasks a day. I received (and read) 20555 emails (after filtering mailinglists and spam!), about 56 emails/day, I sent 5688 emails, about 16 emails/day. Way too many, it’s already consuming a significant fraction of my time! I flew a total of approximately 95.000 miles (~176.000 km), which made me travel at an average speed of 17.4 km/h over the year. I feel bad for the caused carbon footprint but this means that I also spent at least 300 hours (about 12 days) in planes (this is a lower bound estimate). Oh well! I hope 2012 gets quieter :-).