Moving to Champaign

Didn’t you have that point in your life where you wanted to move to a city that sounds like a bottle full of alcohol? Yeah, that’s what we did. As mentioned before, we found a beautiful apartment near downtown Champaign and now we had to haul all our stuff there. My first plan was to take a pickup but Natalia fortunately convinced me to rent a moving truck. We chose Budget (mostly due to the unbeatable price of $170 for the one-way rental including unlimited miles and a rich set of insurance options). We got a 16 foot truck, well, if you’re like me then you have no idea what that actually means. For all Europeans: it’s a two-ton truck (gross total weight 8 tons), so very nice for moving:

Well, the truck was actually not the first part. We started with collecting all the c**p, aehem, nice things, I collected over the years in the living room:

Well, the living room wasn’t even enough …

Natalia helped with, aehem, did most of the packing (especially the numerous kitchen utensils):

Fortunately, we had some friends helping us to move (especially for the heavy stuff like the pull-out couch!):

Well, the truck was “well packed” :-):

We then drove up to Champaign (I planned to go through Indy to avoid curvy and bumpy roads, but I did not include I-465 in my calculation — I-465 is a completely broken mess and nearly destroyed my mirror!!!).

Well, we arrived good and nothing was damaged :-). We only had to buy a new shower curtain and some basic things to get started (total about $50). We’re still getting settled but I conclude that the move was a big success :-). Actually, Champaign is not as bad as it sounds. It offers many more and more exciting shopping opportunities than Bloomington. It also has a somewhat real (but unnecessary complicated) bus system. It seems pretty decent in general.

Btw., did you see all the snow on the pictures? Yes, it was about -10 degrees when we moved but that didn’t turn out to be a problem. It was not really cold after carrying all the stuff around :-). We started and 9:30am and finished at 6:30pm (finished meaning that we had all the stuff out of the truck).