Back in the US

Yeah, Dublin was very very uneventful. The social event in Johnny Fox’s pub was pretty cool :). Anyway, I enjoyed my stay in Europe a lot! Now I’m back in the US and … of course … United Airlines lost my luggage. Darn! I have to leave to Japan tomorrow! And I had the clothes for Japan in a readily packed bag in the other bag which is lost!

Idiots! I fully blame United for this one because Lufthansa could not check my luggage through from Dresden (United had a computer problem). So they told me to ask United in Frankfurt to relabel my bag. I did so – they refused, I asked again (people who know me know that I don’t give up easily). I used the mob-technique (get a huge mob in the queue behind you and do not move until you got what you want). I succeeded – they told me that they’d relabel my bag. But all they did was taking it off the airplane and loosing it :-(. I realized this in Washington … oh my. I’d like to say that I’ll never fly United again, but they usually have the best connection to Dresden :-(.