Cool rental ;)

I love National. The people in the Bloomington location already know me well and treat me well. They gave me a free upgrade to a Mustang last week :). So I had this cool car to go to Lafayette ;). It is a great car besides the automatic transmission. It made me mad because it made the powerful machine feel really really sluggish by switching in the wrong moment. And it was great to find those wrong moments – pulling out to pass and the stupid transmission switches up :-(. I don’t like automatic cars …

I had pretty bad luck with the airport rental … they gave me Chrysler 300 (this is a freaking tank!) with a broken gas gauge (never showed full). And they wanted to charge me for gas in Indy so that I had to discuss with them … oh man. But it finally worked :).

The small thing next to it is my car … oh man … but the 300 was fun in GTA IV (undistructible).