IU is freakin’ cool!

This is getting better and better :). Not even that IU is amongst the top party schools, there are also amazing events going on here (I missed it last year because I was in Europe *argh*)!

I “attended” the little 500 (wikipedia) this weekend. This is amazing, forget about the “Oktoberfest”, it’s like the whole town turns into a party zone (okok, Loveparade is bigger – but still). The weather was just amazing, and I hung out with friends.

Lance Armstrong said that the race was “the coolest event I ever attended.” He must have been at one of the parties. It’s funny though, nearly everything alcohol related is illegal in this country, but I’ve never seen so many drunk people.
It’s plain cool. And I bought a subwoofer for nearly nothing! Yeah, all the chinese people graduate, move and sell their stuff way under value 🙂 (I bought a mountainbike, the subwoofer, 4 wine glasses and a pan today for only $37).

The funny thing is that our house is so waggly that my walls shake to the sound of Talla2XLC right now ;).