Japan …

I had an interesting rental car to the airport. It was an automatic without gears, kind of weird thing:

Ok, now I’m in Tsukuba, Japan. The flight was less stressful as usual because I had an aisle seat and was walking around all the time. And I slept a lot because I didn’t really recover from the flight from Europe (it’s really stupid to go from Europe to Japan through the US :)). Anyway, it’s nice here and the hotel is awesome even though nobody speaks English.
The breakfast is also really cool (all Japanese  stuff).They had very funny toilets in the conference center (I was missing internet access):

And other places preferred the poor-man’s toilet:

Here are some pictures of Tokyo:

View from the Tocho-something (Town Hall)

A nice park (no, I don’t know those guys!!! :))

A Temple
I’m wondering what this is. Looks like lots of booze!

Medieval shopping place (that’s what it said – but might have been a mistranslation)

Police – even in English – lame!

Another temple 🙂