IU Travel, US travel and flights between US and Germany in general

It begins to get weird if you’re trying to buy a one-way ticket. Those
tickets cost generally more than $2000 (sometimed >$3500) while a
rount-trip ticket is about $700. Weird, huh? So of course, I’m not
stupid and booked a round-trip to use it later for the tripe back. So it
happens that this trip is a conference trip to Germany and the flight
should be booked by IU travel. Hah, but I already had the first part
(form my arrival flight) and I did not want to pay the stupid $2500 for
a one-way where a two way was only $700. BUT: IU travel wanted/tried to
force me too. Seriously, they know about this problem, and they have a
“policy” that does not allow this. So they wanted that my lab wates
$1800!!!!! But I did not want this … so screw them … I booked
myself! Man, it took me 4 months to arrange this travel. This baurocracy
is as bad as in Germany, I never expected this.
But – how weird. I found out that this policy is actually mandated by
the US government! They want two-way flights and I even found out that
*not* taking the flight back is kind of illegal. Huh, good that I can
take it. I think I would loose my legal status if I don’t take it. But
yeah, that weirdness makes me then come back to Germany at least once
per year *g*. Oh man, this stuff sucks ….