Hotel Doisy Etoile, Paris

Only four words: “do not go there”. It’s bad, it’s worse, it’s terrible! Actually the terriblest hotel I’ve been in.

The bathroom had no curtain … so people on the street were perfectly able to watch us on the toilet *and* in the shower.

The toilet reminded me of 70’s GDR design … I thought we’re over this …

Yeah, no shower curtain … but moldy walls :-/.

Other things:

– it’s expensive (165 EUR, I guess we get 10 EUR rebate)

– the rooms are extra tiny

– there isn’t even real soap or something …

– there is a scaffolding in front of the window

– of course, construction noises (drilling, hammering) starting 8am

– we have only one key-card (oh, and it began to stop working every evening … and the clerk was making fun of us *grrrr*)
– the key card is needed to have electricity in the room
– there are no spare outlets … wanna connect a laptop – disconnect a lamp, wanna connect two laptops – sit in the dark

– the automatic door is blocked with a piece of wood in the early morning (so you can’t get in even if you have a card)

– the breakfast is ok … but expensive (10 EUR)

– the shower (or what looks like a shower) is amazingly bad!!!! There is no water pressure at all, it feels like a very light rain :-(.