Orbitz idiots vs. United Airlines

I booked my flight to the states through Orbitz.com because is was cheap at this point. But yes, cheap … and nothing more. I tried to change the flight back to Germany yesterday. It took me 45 minutes on the phone, talking to many different people and half of them couldn’t even speak a proper English. It was amazingly bad. Anyway, it seemed fine at the end and the fees were 100 EUR to change the flight and $30 service fees for orbitz (I am wondering which service!!!). They told me that I shall call back when it does not change in the online system in 24 hours.

It did not change … of course not. I called them back, again, people who could not communicate properly (I suspect an Indian call center). The only thing they could do was to undo yesterday’s transaction and tell me to call United Airways (after another 45 minutes on the phone!!!!).

So I called United, expecting that I will just loose my ticket. And they have been surprisingly competent. It was awesome! They changed everything in 10 minutes, sent me confirmation emails and charged only 100 EUR. I’m deeply impressed by their service (actually this should be normality, but I was used to Orbitz).

I’m not going to use their “service” again!