Kroger, gas-prices and 10c/gallon off

This may be boring for most of you but interesting for some (including me :)). The Kroger buy-groceries for $100 and receive 10c/gallon off at a Kroger gas station works! I tested it yesterday! Yeah, I thought that the regular gas price would just be higher, but it was in fact already cheaper than all stations in Bton – and I got an additional 10c off. How exciting, huh? It was pretty exciting until I realized that I pumped only 10 gallons … that’s $1 saving :-(. And I had to drive down to the South-Kroger. Anyway, I paid exactly $25 (18 EUR) for a full tank of gas. I think I can hear some Germans crying over there ;-). But hey, my freaking stupid American car eats 9l/100km :-(.