What I like/dislike about IU

Just arrived at IU, after being abstinent for 5 months. There came some random facts to my mid that I want to share. I like:

  • there is lot’s of stuff to do here (e.g., public recitals at Jacobs School of Music, Theatre, Festivals like the Chinese New Year on Sat., Events at the International Center, Movie Screenings at the IMU, working out at the HPER/SRSC)
  • the sports facilities are really nice (especially the SRSC)
  • IU was ranked at No. 4 party school in Playboy 06/06 😉 (Cit. Playboy: “Best Homework Assignment: Watching porn at the Kinsey Institute”)
  • ranked as No 1 party school in 2002 (too bad, that I don’t have too much time to party)
  • The Kinsey is interesting in itself 😉 (yeah, you can make a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality I guess)
  • the male/female ratio is also nice
  • and, last but not least – the Ballroom Dance Club seems pretty active 😉

and I don’t like:

  • the current weather (and the way the sidewalks are constructed)
  • there are no “good music” clubs
  • some people define friendship completely differently than I do (ok, that happened in Germany recently too)
  • I’m missing my bike (it’s locked in a shelter)


  • weather is much better (sidewalks still suck though) 🙂
  • you can find decent music (if you try hard)
  • I got my bike! (yeah! It has still no breaks)