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Tuesday, June 27, 2017



Arthur B. Maccabe Operating and Runtime Systems Challenges for HPC Systems
Arthur B. Maccabe
Abstract, Bio, ACM page, Slides (34.4 MB)
Coffee Break

Session I (chair: John R. Lange)

Nelson M. Gonzalez Jitter-Trace: A Low-Overhead OS Noise Tracing Tool Based on Linux Perf
Nelson M. Gonzalez, Alessandro Morari, Fabio Checconi
ACM page, Slides (2.0 MB)
Soramichi Akiyama Quantitative Evaluation of Intel PEBS Overhead for Online System-Noise Analysis
Soramichi Akiyama, Takahiro Hirofuchi
ACM page, Slides (1.0 MB)
Balazs Gerofi Toward Full Specialization of the HPC System Software Stack: Reconciling Application Containers and Lightweight Multi-kernels
Balazs Gerofi, Rolf Riesen, Robert W. Wisniewski, Yutaka Ishikawa
ACM page, Slides (2.0 MB)

Session II (chair: Balazs Gerofi)

Noah Evans Scheduling Chapel Tasks with Qthreads on Manycore: A Tale of Two Schedulers
Noah Evans, Stephen L. Olivier, Richard Barrett, George Stelle
ACM page, Slides (483 KB)
Debashis Ganguly The Effect of Asymmetric Performance on Asynchronous Task Based Runtimes
Debashis Ganguly, John R. Lange
ACM page, Slides (1.8 MB)
Ole Weidner Towards a Comprehensive Framework for Telemetry Data in HPC Environments
Ole Weidner, Adam Barker, Malcolm Atkinson
ACM page, Slides (362 KB)
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Session III (chair: Arthur B. Maccabe)

Terry Jones UNITY: Unified Memory and File Space
Terry Jones, Michael Lang, Ada Gavrilovska, Michael J. Brim, Geoffroy Vallee, Benjamin Mayer, Aaron Welch, Tonglin Li, Latchesar Ionkov, Douglas Otstott, Greg Eisenhauer, Thaleia Doudali, Pradeep Fernando
ACM page, Slides (7.8 MB)
Gerald F. Lofstead Blurred Lines: You Got Your Memory in My Storage! (invited talk)
Gerald F. Lofstead
Abstract, Slides (1.2 MB)
Maciej Besta Active Access: A Mechanism for High-Performance Distributed Data-Centric Computations (invited talk)
Maciej Besta
Abstract, Slides (5.1 MB)
Closing Remarks
Best Paper Award went to Balazs Gerofi et al. for the paper Toward Full Specialization of the HPC System Software Stack: Reconciling Application Containers and Lightweight Multi-kernels.
Best Paper Award
In the picture: paper author Balazs Gerofi (right), workshop co-chair Kamil Iskra (left).