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Workshop Workshop Workshop
Workshop audience. We broke our attendance record this year, with close to 60 participants in the room at one point.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015, room A103–A104





Kimberly Keeton The Machine: An Architecture for Memory-centric Computing
Kimberly Keeton
Abstract, Bio ACM page, Slides (1.3 MB),

Runtime Systems Session (chair: Roberto Gioiosa)

Alexander Collins LIRA: Adaptive Contention-Aware Thread Placement for Parallel Runtime Systems
Alexander Collins, Tim Harris, Murray Cole, Christian Fensch
ACM page Slides (1.9 MB),

Allan Porterfield Application Runtime Variability and Power Optimization for Exascale Computers
Allan Porterfield, Rob Fowler, Sridutt Bhalachandra, Barry Rountree, Diptorup Deb, Rob Lewis, Brian Blanton
ACM page Slides (2.6 MB),

Ray Chen ANGEL: A Hierarchical Approach to Multi-Objective Online Auto-Tuning
Ray S. Chen, Jeffrey K. Hollingsworth
ACM page Slides (1.2 MB),

Coffee Break
FCRC Keynote

Operating Systems Session (chair: Yoonho Park)

Balazs Gerofi Exploring the Design Space of Combining Linux with Lightweight Kernels for Extreme Scale Computing
Balazs Gerofi, Masamichi Takagi, Yutaka Ishikawa, Rolf Riesen, Evan Powers, Robert W. Wisniewski
ACM page Slides (874 KB),

Roberto Gioiosa Analyzing System Calls in Multi-OS Hierarchical Environments
Roberto Gioiosa, Robert W. Wisniewski, Ravi Murty, Todd Inglett
ACM page Slides (2.7 MB),

Brian Kocoloski System-Level Support for Composition of Applications
Brian Kocoloski, John Lange, Hasan Abbasi, David E. Bernholdt, Terry R. Jones, Jai Dayal, Noah Evans, Michael Lang, Jay Lofstead, Kevin Pedretti, Patrick G. Bridges
ACM page Slides (1.1 MB),

Oscar Mondragon Quantifying Scheduling Challenges for Exascale System Software
Oscar H. Mondragon, Patrick G. Bridges, Terry Jones
ACM page Slides (1.8 MB),

Coffee Break


What is a Lightweight Kernel?
Rolf Riesen, Intel (moderator)
Balazs Gerofi, RIKEN
John (Jack) Lange, University of Pittsburgh
Arthur B. (Barney) Maccabe, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Ron Minnich, Google
Yoonho Park, IBM Research
Robert W. Wisniewski, Intel
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Panel In the picture left-to-right: Rolf Riesen, Robert Wisniewski, Ron Minnich, Jack Lange, Barney Maccabe, Yoonho Park, Balazs Gerofi.


Best Paper Award and Closing Remarks

Best Paper Award went to Balazs Gerofi et al. for the paper Exploring the Design Space of Combining Linux with Lightweight Kernels for Extreme Scale Computing.

Best Paper Award In the picture left-to-right: paper co-authors Rolf Riesen, Evan Powers, Balazs Gerofi, Masamichi Takagi, Robert Wisniewski.