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Tuesday, June 10, 2014





Building Blocks for an Exa-Scale Operating System
Hermann Härtig
Abstract, Bio Slides (17.4 MB),

OS Architecture and Manycore (chair: Bernd Mohr)

mOS: An Architecture for Extreme-Scale Operating Systems
Robert W. Wisniewski, Todd Inglett, Pardo Keppel, Ravi Murty, and Rolf Riesen
ACM paper page Slides (1.8 MB),

Coffee Break
Revisiting Virtual Memory for High Performance Computing on Manycore Architectures: A Hybrid Segmentation Kernel Approach
Yuki Soma, Balazs Gerofi, and Yutaka Ishikawa
ACM paper page Slides (824 KB),

VMM Emulation of Intel Hardware Transactional Memory
Maciej Święch, Kyle C. Hale, and Peter Dinda
ACM paper page Slides (826 KB),

Runtime Systems and Threads (chair: Robert Wisniewski)

PICS: A Performance-Analysis-Based Introspective Control System to Steer Parallel Applications
Yanhua Sun, Jonathan Lifflander, and Laxmikant V. Kalé
ACM paper page Slides (401 KB),

Hybrid MPI – A Case Study on Xeon Phi Platform
U. S. Wickramasinghe, Greg Bronevetsky, Andrew Lumsdaine, and Andrew Friedley
ACM paper page Slides (2.5 MB),

Automatic SMT Threading for OpenMP Applications on the Intel Xeon Phi Co-processor
Wim Heirman, Trevor E. Carlson, Kenzo Van Craeynest, Ibrahim Hur, Aamer Jaleel, and Lieven Eeckhout
ACM paper page Slides (869 KB),

Exascale Gossip (chair: Kamil Iskra)

An Evaluation of BitTorrent’s Performance In HPC Environments
Matthew G. F. Dosanjh, Patrick G. Bridges, Suzanne M. Kelly, James H. Laros III, and Courtenay T. Vaughan
ACM paper page Slides (1.2 MB),

Reduction of Operating System Jitter Caused by Page Reclaim
Yoshihiro Oyama, Shun Ishiguro, Jun Murakami, Shin Sasaki, Ryo Matsumiya, and Osamu Tatebe
ACM paper page Slides (463 KB),

Overhead of a Decentralized Gossip Algorithm on the Performance of HPC Applications
Ely Levy, Amnon Barak, Amnon Shiloh, Matthias Lieber, Carsten Weinhold, and Hermann Härtig
ACM paper page Slides (1.1 MB),


Best Paper Award and Closing Remarks

Best Paper Award went to Robert Wisniewski et al. for the paper mOS: An Architecture for Extreme-Scale Operating Systems.

In the picture: paper co-authors Robert Wisniewski (center-left) and Rolf Riesen (center-right); workshop co-chairs Torsten Hoefler (left) and Kamil Iskra (right).