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Workshop audience. We broke our attendance record this year, with close to 50 participants in the room at one point.


Monday, June 10, 2013





Characteristics of Adaptive Runtime Systems in HPC
Sanjay Kale
Abstract, Bio Slides (2.0 MB),
Coffee Break

Exascale and Energy Session (chair: Torsten Hoefler)

Hobbes: Composition and Virtualization as the Foundations of an Extreme-scale OS/R
Ron Brightwell, Ron Oldfield, Arthur B. Maccabe, and David E. Bernholdt
ACM paper page Slides (1.2 MB),

Argo: An Exascale Operating System and Runtime (invited talk)
Pete Beckman
Slides (2.2 MB),

A Gossip-based Approach to Exascale System Services
Philip Soltero, Patrick Bridges, Dorian Arnold, and Michael Lang
ACM paper page Slides (6.2 MB),

Enabling Accurate Power Profiling of HPC Applications on Exascale Systems
Gokcen Kestor, Roberto Gioiosa, Darren J. Kerbyson, and Adolfy Hoisie
ACM paper page Slides (2.0 MB),


Memory Issues Session (chair: Ron Brightwell)

Memory-Conscious Collective I/O for Extreme Scale HPC Systems
Yin Lu, Yong Chen, Rajeev Thakur, and Yu Zhuang
ACM paper page Slides (2.1 MB),

Transparently Consistent Asynchronous Shared Memory
Hakan Akkan, Latchesar Ionkov, and Michael Lang
ACM paper page Slides (2.3 MB),

Evaluating the Feasibility of Using Memory Content Similarity to Improve System Resilience
Scott Levy, Kurt B. Ferreira, Patrick G. Bridges, Aidan P. Thompson, and Christian Trott
ACM paper page Slides (7.4 MB),

Coffee Break

Tasking and Big Data Session (chair: Kamil Iskra)

An Early Prototype of an Autonomic Performance Environment for Exascale
Kevin Huck, Sameer Shende, Allen Malony, Hartmut Kaiser, Allan Porterfield, Rob Fowler, and Ron Brightwell
ACM paper page Slides (1.6 MB),

Design and Implementation of a Customizable Work Stealing Scheduler
Jun Nakashima, Sho Nakatani, and Kenjiro Taura
ACM paper page Slides (0.9 MB),

Data Deduplication in a Hybrid Architecture for Improving Write Performance
Chao Chen, Jonathan Bastnagel, and Yong Chen
ACM paper page Slides (3.1 MB),


Best Paper Award and Closing Remarks

Best Paper Award went to Scott Levy et al. for the paper Evaluating the Feasibility of Using Memory Content Similarity to Improve System Resilience.

In the picture: paper co-authors Scott Levy (center-right) and Patrick Bridges (center-left); workshop co-chairs Torsten Hoefler (left) and Kamil Iskra (right).