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Marcin Copik, Alexandru Calotoiu, Rodrigo Bruno, Gyorgy Rethy, Roman Böhringer, Torsten Hoefler:

 Process-as-a-Service: Elastic and Stateful Serverless with Cloud Processes

(Jan. 2022)


Fine-grained and ephemeral functions power many new applications that benefit from elastic scaling and pay-as-you-use billing model with minimal infrastructure management overhead. To achieve these properties, Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) platforms disaggregate compute and state and, consequently, introduce non-trivial costs due to data locality loss, complex control plane interactions, and expensive communication to access state. We revisit the foundations of FaaS and propose a new cloud abstraction, cloud process, that retains all the benefits of FaaS while significantly reducing the overheads that result from the disaggregation. We show how established operating system abstractions can be adapted to provide powerful granular computing on dynamically provisioned cloud resources while building our Process as a Service (PraaS) platform. PraaS improves current FaaS by offering data locality, fast invocations, and efficient communication. PraaS delivers invocations up to 32 times faster and reduces communication overhead by up to 99%.


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  author={Marcin Copik and Alexandru Calotoiu and Rodrigo Bruno and Gyorgy Rethy and Roman B√∂hringer and Torsten Hoefler},
  title={{Process-as-a-Service: Elastic and Stateful Serverless with Cloud Processes}},

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