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Martin Kuettler, Maksym Planeta, Jan Bierbaum, Carsten Weinhold, Hermann Haertig, Amnon Barak, Torsten Hoefler:

 Corrected Trees for Reliable Group Communication

(Feb. 2019, Accepted at The ACM Conference Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming 2019 (PPoPP'19) )


Driven by ever increasing performance demands of compute-intensive applications, supercomputing systems comprise more and more nodes. This growth is a significant burden for fast group communication primitives and also makes those systems more susceptible to failures of individual nodes. In this paper we present a two-phase fault-tolerant scheme for group communication. Using broadcast as an example, we provide a full-spectrum discussion of our approach — from a formal analysis to LogP-based simulations to a message-passing-based implementation running on a large cluster. Ultimately, we are able to reduce the complex problem of reliable and fault-tolerant collective group communication to a graph theoretical renumbering problem. Both simulations and measurements show our solution to achieve a latency reduction of 50% with up to 6 times fewer messages sent in comparison to existing schemes.


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