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Torsten Hoefler:

 MPI Beyond 3.0 and Towards Larger-Scale Computing

(Presentation - presented in Denver, CO, USA, Nov. 2013)
Keynote at ExaMPI 2013 Workshop (in conjunction with SC13)


The MPI-3.0 standardization effort finished and many state-of-the art parallel programming techniques have been added to MPI. In this talk, we will briefly discuss the new MPI features, their optimized implementations, and their prospects to change the state of the art in HPC. It can be argued that MPI was design to evolve from the library interface into a parallel language. We will discuss how the current specification enables to handle MPI as a de-facto language and facilitate automatic transformations. We continue by discussing several more radical ideas to extend MPI to support emerging applications such as graph analytics or more dynamic computing settings. We conclude by noting that MPI is well suited to address needs for large-scale computing of the next decades.


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