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P. Geoffray and Torsten Hoefler:

 Adaptive Routing Strategies for Modern High Performance Networks

(In 16th Annual IEEE Symposium on High Performance Interconnects, HOTI'08, presented in Stanford, CA, USA, pages 165-172, IEEE Computer Society, ISBN: 978-0-7695-3380-3, Aug. 2008)


Today's scalable high-performance applications heavily depend on the bandwidth characteristics of their communication patterns. Contemporary multi-stage interconnection networks suffer from network contention which might decrease application performance. Our experiments show that the effective bisection bandwidth of a non-blocking 512-node Clos network is as low as 38% if the network is routed statically. In this paper, we propose and analyze different adaptive routing schemes for those networks. We chose Myrinet/MX to implement our proposed routing schemes. Our best adaptive routing scheme is able to in- crease the effective bisection bandwidth to 77% for 512 nodes and 100% for smaller node counts. Thus, we show that our proposed adaptive routing schemes are able to improve network throughput significantly.


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