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Publications of Torsten Hoefler
Patrick Iff, Benigna Bruggmann, Maciej Besta, Luca Benini, Torsten Hoefler:

 RapidChiplet: A Toolchain for Rapid Design Space Exploration of Chiplet Architectures

(arXiv:2311.06081. Nov. 2023)


Chiplet architectures are a promising paradigm to overcome the scaling challenges of monolithic chips. Chiplets offer heterogeneity, modularity, and cost-effectiveness. The design space of chiplet architectures is huge as there are many degrees of freedom such as the number, size and placement of chiplets, the topology of the inter-chiplet interconnect and many more. Existing tools for cost and performance prediction are often too slow to explore this design space. We present RapidChiplet, a fast, open-source toolchain to predict latency and throughput of the inter-chiplet interconnect, as well as a chip's manufacturing cost and thermal stability.


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  author={Patrick Iff and Benigna Bruggmann and Maciej Besta and Luca Benini and Torsten Hoefler},
  title={{RapidChiplet: A Toolchain for Rapid Design Space Exploration of Chiplet Architectures}},

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