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Kartik Lakhotia, Laura Monroe, Kelly Isham, Maciej Besta, Nils Blach, Torsten Hoefler, Fabrizio Petrini:

 PolarStar: Expanding the Scalability Horizon of Diameter-3 Networks

(arXiv:2302.07217. Feb. 2023)


In this paper, we present PolarStar, a novel family of diameter-3 network topologies derived from the star product of two low-diameter factor graphs. The proposed PolarStar construction gives the largest known diameter-3 network topologies for almost all radixes. When compared to state-of-the-art diameter-3 networks, PolarStar achieves 31% geometric mean increase in scale over Bundlefly, 91% over Dragonfly, and 690% over 3-D HyperX. PolarStar has many other desirable properties including a modular layout, large bisection, high resilience to link failures and a large number of feasible sizes for every radix. Our evaluation shows that it exhibits comparable or better performance than other diameter-3 networks under various traffic patterns.




  author={Kartik Lakhotia and Laura Monroe and Kelly Isham and Maciej Besta and Nils Blach and Torsten Hoefler and Fabrizio Petrini},
  title={{PolarStar: Expanding the Scalability Horizon of Diameter-3 Networks}},

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