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Torsten Hoefler, Torsten Mehlan, Andrew Lumsdaine and Wolfgang Rehm:

 Netgauge: A Network Performance Measurement Framework

(Vol 4782, In Proceedings of High Performance Computing and Communications, HPCC'07, presented in Houston, USA, pages 659-671, Springer, ISBN: 978-3-540-75443-5, Sep. 2007)


This paper introduces Netgauge, an extensible open-source framework for implementing network benchmarks. The structure of Netgauge abstracts and explicitly separates communication patterns from communication modules. As a result of this separation of concerns, new benchmark types and new network protocols can be added independently to Netgauge. We describe the rich set of pre-defined communication patterns and communication modules that are available in the current distribution. Benchmark results demonstrate the applicability of the current Netgauge distribution to to different networks. An assortment of use-cases is used to investigate the implementation quality of selected protocols and protocol layers.


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