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Maciej Besta, Marcel Schneider, Salvatore Di Girolamo, Ankit Singla, Torsten Hoefler:

 Towards Million-Server Network Simulations on Just a Laptop

(May 2021)


The growing size of data center and HPC networks pose unprecedented requirements on the scalability of simulation infrastructure. The ability to simulate such large-scale interconnects on a simple PC would facilitate research efforts. Unfortunately, as we first show in this work, existing shared-memory packet-level simulators do not scale to the sizes of the largest networks considered today. We then illustrate a feasibility analysis and a set of enhancements that enable a simple packet-level htsim simulator to scale to the unprecedented simulation sizes on a single PC. Our code is available online and can be used to design novel schemes in the coming era of omnipresent data centers and HPC clusters.


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  author={Maciej Besta and Marcel Schneider and Salvatore Di Girolamo and Ankit Singla and Torsten Hoefler},
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