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Torsten Hoefler, Torsten Mehlan, Frank Mietke and Wolfgang Rehm:

 A Survey of Barrier Algorithms for Coarse Grained Supercomputers

(Chemnitzer Informatik Berichte. Vol 04, Nr. 03, presented in Chemnitz, Germany, ISSN: 0947-5152, Dec. 2004)


There are several different algorithms available to perform a synchronization of multiple processors. Some of them support only shared memory architectures or very fine grained supercomputers. This work gives an overview about all currently known algorithms which are suitable for distributed shared memory architectures and message passing based computer systems (loosely coupled or coarse grained supercomputers). No absolute decision can be made for choosing a barrier algorithm for a machine. Several architectural aspects have to be taken into account. The overview about known barrier algorithms given in this work is mostly targeted to implementors of libraries supporting collective communication (such as MPI).


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