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Torsten Hoefler, J. Squyres, G. Bosilca, G. Fagg, Andrew Lumsdaine and Wolfgang Rehm:

 Non-Blocking Collective Operations for MPI-2

(presented in Bloomington, IN, USA, School of Informatics, Aug. 2006)


We propose new non-blocking interfaces for the collective group communication functions defined in MPI-1 and MPI-2. This document is meant as a standard extension and written in the same way as the MPI standards. It covers the MPI-API as well as the semantics of the new operations.


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  author={Torsten Hoefler and J. Squyres and G. Bosilca and G. Fagg and Andrew Lumsdaine and Wolfgang Rehm},
  title={{Non-Blocking Collective Operations for MPI-2}},
  institution={Open Systems Lab, Indiana University},
  location={Bloomington, IN, USA},
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