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Torsten Hoefler, R. Janisch and Wolfgang Rehm:

 Improving the parallel scaling of ABINIT

(In Science and Supercomputing in Europe - Report 2005, presented in Caseleccio di Reno, Italy, pages 551-559, CINECA Conzorzio Interuniversitario, ISBN: 88-86037-17-1, Dec. 2005)


This work presents the results of a three week stay of T.H. at the High Performance Systems Department of the CINECA Institute in Bologna, Italy. The main goals of the short project - to understand and parallelize the core functions of the appication ABINIT - have been achieved. A huge share of the time consuming part of the code has been parallelized efficiently and scales well on modern supercomputers. We demonstrate parallel scaling on the IBM SP5 in CINECA and a small Opteron PC cluster.


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