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Torsten Hoefler and Wolfgang Rehm:

 A Meta Analysis of Gigabit Ethernet over Copper Solutions for Cluster-Networking

(Chemnitzer Informatik Berichte. Vol 04, Nr. 04, presented in Chemnitz, Germany, ISSN: 0947-5152, Dec. 2004)


The IEEE Standard for Gigabit Networking was accepted in June 1998 and ratified as IEEE 802.3z. This standard uses only an optical cable for signal transmission. One year later a new standard for Gigabit Ethernet over unshielded twisted pair of the 5th category was certified under the name 802.3ab. Nowadays, there are a couple of younger and older studies about Gigabit Ethernet technology and performance. This Meta Analysis is intended to put the main results altogether into one document suitable for a proper choice of gigabit networking equipment for cluster computers.




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