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Torsten Hoefler:

 An Overview of Static & Dynamic Techniques for Automatic Performance Modeling

(Presentation - presented in Frankfurt, Germany, Jun. 2016, Invited talk at International Supercomputing Conference )


Automatic performance modeling of high-performance computing applications is a quickly emerging research field. The goal is to automatically derive analytical equations that model the resource consumption or execution time of arbitrary applications. These equations can then be used to determine performance bottlenecks which may be classified as bugs by the user, to derive optimal execution parameters such as numbers of processes or mappings, or to co-design computing systems, among many others. Techniques for automatic performance modeling broadly fall into two categories: static and dynamic methods. Static methods involve source-code analysis and can deliver provable performance bounds, yet, they cannot handle arbitrary codes. Dynamic techniques often build on statistical methods to derive performance models from observations which may which may not exactly capture the true performance model. In this talk, we describe and exemplify both methods and show how to apply them in practice.


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