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Torsten Hoefler:

 MPI-3.0: A Response to New Challenges in Hardware and Software

(Presentation - presented in Stuttgart, Germany, Sep. 2012)
Keynote at Multicore Challenge 2012


The Message Passing Interface (MPI) is one of the most successful parallel programming frameworks in High Performance Computing (HPC). Implementations evolved over the last 15 years and provide a rather stable software base. However, the challenges of programming systems that constantly grow in scale, exhibit more intelligent networks, multi- and manycore processors, and intra-node heterogeneity, cannot be ignored. The MPI Forum is going to ratify a new version of MPI (3.0) which reacts to the changing environment by improving the support for topological communications, collective communications, intra- and inter-node direct memory accesses, and various other important concepts. The new programming interfaces pose challenges in various directions. First, programmers need to understand how to effectively utilize the new interfaces and how to restructure their codes. Second, implementers need to map the new functions onto novel hardware to achieve highest performance. We will discuss both issues and their relation to multicore architectures in detail and point out numerous research challenges and opportunities from theoretical as well as practical perspectives.


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